Foremost Eye Specialist In Cairns

If you live in Cairns and are suffering from an eye disease or disorder, and your doctor wants to refer you to an eye specialist, why not ask to be referred to a preferred local eye specialist in Cairns. Be sure to choose an eye specialist where excellent patient care and the utmost in professional treatment is the order of the day. …read more

North Queensland Ophthalmologist Dr Ramin Zadeh Is An Accomplished Surgeon

Seeking exceptional eye care? Make an appointment with our dedicated North Queensland ophthalmologist, who has been focusing on eye diseases since opening his clinic in 2004. …read more

What You Need To Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can be an ideal solution when your impaired vision starts to impact on your quality of life and interferes with your daily activities. Our highly skilled ophthalmologist can provide a thorough assessment, exceptional treatment and excellent aftercare service in our warm and friendly environment. …read more

Discover How Our Glaucoma Surgeon Can Help You

Receiving treatment and protecting your eye health can be comfortable and stress-free when you visit our highly trained, qualified glaucoma surgeon, Dr Zadeh. At North Queensland Eye Clinic, we provide exceptional patient care and offer a range of services including cataract surgery, glaucoma and macular degeneration assessment and treatment, eyelid procedures and more. …read more

Let Dr Ramin Zadeh At North Queensland Eye Clinic Treat Your Macular Degeneration

We can assist if your GP or optometrist suspects that you are experiencing macular degeneration. Speak to our friendly and caring clinic staff today. …read more

Professional And Efficient Pterygium Removal In Cairns

Are you being referred by your doctor or optometrist for a pterygium removal in Cairns? At North Queensland Eye Clinic, you know you are in good hands, with a highly experienced ophthalmologist and a professional support team at a clinic that has been operating since 2004. …read more