Suspicious Eye Lesions

The eye is very susceptible to all kinds of different lesions. Some of these lesions can be considered as normal changes to the eye due to age or genetics. However, other lesions are not normal and should be examined by an Ophthalmologist.

These pictures demonstrate lesions that are considered to be abnormal and can cause harm. Generally, these lesions are removed and sent to a laboratory for further analysis. The analysis will determine if further treatment is needed.

If you think you have a lesion similar to the ones below, please see your GP or Optometrist for a referral to an Ophthalmologist.


An entropian refers to the condition in which the skin on the bottom eyelid turns inward. This leads to the eyelashes on the bottom eyelid rubbing against the eye, causing irritation, soreness and in some cases a decrease in vision.

An entropian can be caused by genetics, ageing, scarring or infections.

In some cases, an operation can be done by an Ophthalmologist to help correct the condition so that the eyelid once again sits in a normal position.