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North Queensland Eye Clinic is a locally owned, family practice which specialises in providing the very best eye health care. North Queensland Eye Clinic is headed by Adelaide-trained Ophthalmologist, Dr Ramin Zadeh, and is supported by highly dedicated and skilled Orthoptists, Nurses and Receptionists.

Established in 2004 by Dr Zadeh, the Clinic’s goal is to provide a warm and caring environment for those in need of eye health care and is dedicated to being up to date with the latest procedures and technologies.

What do we do at North Queensland Eye Clinic?

Usually, your Optometrist or GP will send you to see us for a specific eye related problem. During your consultation, Dr Zadeh will also examine your eyes for any signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes. We see many different types of patients at North Queensland Eye Clinic, including children, adults and the elderly.

North Queensland Eye Clinic has been set up to suit all levels of mobility, ensuring patient comfort. This is also achieved by keeping waiting times to an absolute minimum.

At North Queensland Eye Clinic we endeavour to be accessible to as many people as possible. Not only do we have a clinic in Cairns, we also hold a clinic every Friday in Atherton.

What do you need to know for your appointment with us?

1. You will need a referral from your Optometrist or Doctor

2. You may have drops put into your eyes prior to seeing Dr Zadeh. These drops enlarge your pupils and can cause blurriness and sunlight glare for two-three hours. We encourage you to have a driver and sunglasses with you as it may not be safe to drive under the influence of these drops.

3. We hope to keep you in the clinic for no longer than one and a half hours for your first consultation.

4. There will be a fee requiring payment on the day of your consultation. Additional charges may apply if further tests are required.

5. Please bring your glasses and a list of medications that you are currently taking. We will need this information during your appointment.

6. You will receive a Medicare rebate for most of the tests you undergo during your consultation.

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