Glaucoma refers to the increase in pressure within the eyes causing damage to the optic nerve which can lead to the loss of side (peripheral) vision and difficulties with night vision.

Glaucoma mostly goes unnoticed and it is usually detected when your eyes are assessed by an Ophthalmologist.

Dr Zadeh has long been an advocate for using the latest techniques and medical interventions when it comes to preserving sight.

Since October 2016, Dr Zadeh has been utilizing a new minimally invasive surgical technique in conjunction with Cataract surgery that helps control Glaucoma.

A lot of our patients suffer from Glaucoma who are reliant on daily drops, these drops can often cause irritation and discomfort. This new surgical technique can now offer relief to these patients as it can lead to the cessation or decreased reliance on Glaucoma medication.

For more info on the surgical technique read more about iStent inject®

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