Dr Zadeh practices general Ophthalmology, which covers Cataract assessment and surgery, Glaucoma management, Age Related Macular Degeneration treatment, Diabetic treatment and Paediatric assessments.

Despite working in a general Ophthalmic capacity, Dr Zadeh enjoys a sub-specialty in Oculoplastics (removal of eyelid lesions and eyelid reconstruction), an area where he has had some post graduate training.

Dr Zadeh is a hard working Ophthalmologist, devoted to ensuring his patients have access to the highest eye health care in Cairns and the surrounding regions.

He considers working as an Ophthalmologist both an honour and a privilege. The ability to be able to provide a service to the community as an Ophthalmologist is a great source of joy to him.

Dr Zadeh?s Personal Story

Dr Zadeh was born in a small town in Iran (Persia) in 1965. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran)

He attended primary and high school and was Dux of his school on a number of occasions. Unfortunately he was unable to finish his schooling as he was discharged from school, like many other Baha?i students, after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Members of the Baha?i (http://www.bahai.org.au) community in Iran have been heavily persecuted since the Revolution, including being deprived from higher education (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution of Bah?’?s).

As a result of these persecutions, he escaped from Iran to Pakistan. In 1985, after one year in Pakistan, the Australian government accepted him as a refugee and he came to Adelaide.

Dr Zadeh attended English language classes for a few months before completing Year 12 studies at Theberton High school. He achieved high marks at matriculation and in 1987 was able to enter the Flinders University School of Medicine.

Having been a refugee, Dr Zadeh appreciates all the opportunities that Australia offers, and is forever grateful for the many kindnesses he has received.