Please follow the following advice:

1. No water, soaps or shampoo around you eye for the next week. You can use a face washer to wash your face but do not get it close to you operated eye.

2. Please wear your plastic shield for the next week, only while you sleep. To hold it in place, you can buy micropore/paper tape from the chemist.

3. Try to stay out of dusty/ dirty conditions.

4. Try to refrain from bending over from the waist, you can bend from the knees.

5. No driving for 1 week after surgery or until after your next appointment with Dr Zadeh.

Your drops

1. Always wash your hands before handling your drops.

2. Always shake the bottles before use.

3. Wait about 5 minutes between drops

4. Do not touch your eye or your eyelashes with the tip of the bottles.

5. The drops you have been provided with should last you for a full month. Give our clinic a call and we will provide you with a script only if you completely run out of your drops.